• It's The WePad vs. The iPad This Summer

    In what's being presented by some in the media as a pay-per-view worthy showdown between Apple's tablet and it's rival German twin, the latest "real" head to head competition for the iPad comes against a little something called the WePad. Perhaps you've heard of it. A German company is taking aim at Apple with a new device that clearly knocks-off the tablet and attempts to infuse a few extra bells and whistles.

    The Android tablet hitting the German market in summer is, without question, remarkably similar to the iPad, yet it supports Flash, sports a bigger screen, serves up a webcam and even two USB ports. And while the WePad's makers at Neofonie and 4titoo say the device isn't an 'iPad killer,' its ostensible goal - to take a bite out of the iPad's market share - is obvious. And the WePad was cleverly designed with certain iPad deficiencies in mind. Taking a swipe at iTunes, in fact, the makers of the WePad are taking every opportunity they get to notify potential buyers that no special software is needed to listen to music.

    Most interested buyers, however, are seemingly fixated about the device's USB ports which, naturally, enable the tablet to be connected to a wide variety of accessories that will embellish the WePad user experience. Preorders can be placed in Germany on April 27th, with the product launch tentatively planned for late July. And with international iPad delays on the horizon, the April pre-order strategy for the WePad could help the new device gain some momentum over its Apple rival - at least in Germany.

    The basic WePad delivers Wi-Fi capability and 16 gigs of storage for euro 449 ($600). A 32-gig with 3G modem, however, is naturally priced higher at euro 569. The makers of the WePad are endeavoring to present the German tablet as a relative bargain when compared to the iPad, given how the WePad offers "more functionalities" and more opportunities for modification and accessory use. As a result, executives at the German company expect sales to far outpace industry expectations.

    Image via Boston Globe
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