• Retro Phone for iPad/iPhone is Actually Released for Purchase

    In the last few months, we've seen no shortage of quirky, unorthodox, and bizarre iPhone, iPod, and iPad accessories that, while fun to read about, have little practical value. And, until now, most prototype accessories were only presented for our amusement in theory. This week, however, one such accessory was actually released and made available for purchase.

    For some reason that escapes understanding, there is a powerful preoccupation with many to turn their cutting-edge mobile phones and similar gadgets into devices that represent the technology of old. Case in point: iPhones and iPods modified to look like old-school rotary phones and pay telephones that altogether defeat the whole "mobile" aspect of contemporary mobile phones.

    Despite the annoying plethora of accessories that rewind the clock back a little farther than most forward-thinking gadget-gurus appreciate, there are no signs of this obsession subsiding. On Thursday, for example, we were introduced to the Moshi Moshi 01H handset that - while using Skype software - connects to the iPad and effectively morphs your tablet computer into a phone that might resemble what your grandparents - or great grandparents -still use as their primary means of communication.

    The Moshi Moshi 01H handset, designed by French designer David Turpin, is officially on sale for $29.99. Don't have an iPad? That's quite alright. The above handset will work just fine on your iPhone too.

    Anyone actually going to buy this thing? Even better... does anyone understand this veritable obsession with modifying iPhones and iPads into retro phones?

    Image via BoingBoing
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