• iPad 3G Available April 30th

    The promised "late April" delivery turned out to be just about as "late" in April as any delivery could be.

    Today, Apple announced that their iPad model that serves up both Wi-Fi and 3G will be delivered on April 30th in the US to all customers who pre-ordered their device. Best of all, folks who pre-ordered their iPad 3G and arranged for home delivery could get their hands on the new tablet several hours before their in-store-pick-up counterparts. You see, Apple will only make the iPad 3G available in stores at 5:00 PM on April 30th.

    Earlier this week, we at MMI reported that many iPad buyers were growing restless in fear that their iPad 3G would not arrive in late April as advertised. Some confusion set in further when Apple posted on its website that the iPad 3G would not begin shipping until May 7th.

    That particular word of caution, however, was intended solely for people who purchased an iPad 3G from that day forward. All pre-ordered iPads were never in danger of being shipped later than late April, Apple says.

    While it seems like the iPad has already been around for an eternity, the basic Wi-Fi model just debuted April 3rd. Hundreds of thousands of sales have prompted Apple to delay international shipments until late next month, which is a full month removed from the earlier estimate. Apple, however, will at least begin taking international pre-orders on May 10th.

    The iPad 3G will be rolled out at a price of $629 for a 16-gigabyte model, $729 for 32 gigs, and $829 for the 64-gig model.
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