• New Spotlight Concept Puts iOS' Current Spotlight to Shame

    One under-used feature of iOS that most of us could probably go without is Spotlight. Especially with the birth of Siri on the iPhone 4S, Spotlight has continued to become more and more under-used as its aging interface becomes less convenient than all of the rest of the shortcuts in iOS. If youíre one of the many that doesnít use Spotlight, then check out this new concept by Cody Sanfilippo that completely reinvents Spotlight for iOS.

    The interface is absolutely gorgeous. Not only does it make Spotlight more useful, but just look at the eye-candy appearance of everything that appears as a search result and also take a look at the way the interface functions; application icons at the bottom of the Spotlight interface act as a type of application filter. Being that the application filters are scrolled through horizontally, this means a lot less vertical scrolling for the user to find content via specific applications.

    When you tap on one of the application filters at the bottom of the interface, all search results return in interfaces that resemble their respective applications. For example, when tapping on the Notes application to filter search results for Notes the user may have on the device, results appear in yellow notepad-like paper and not just in white cell search results like they do in the real Spotlight on the iPhone. The same happens for the rest of the applications, including Messages, where search results appear as iMessage-like chat bubbles.

    When filtering between applications for search results, more content for each application is displayed. For instance, in Spotlight for iOS currently, searching someoneís name yields their name in your Contacts application. In the concept, searching for someoneís name yields their entire contact card and not just their name. This kind of preview saves the userís time because they donít have to wait for the corresponding application to launch and show information because itís all readily available in the search results interface.

    The interface includes a built-in Siri interface invoking mechanism that can be used to invoke Siri without needing to hold down the home button. From here, you can speak to Siri to get feedback from her and results will appear in the Spotlight interface. For App Store searches, this new Spotlight concept includes a built-in App Store search engine and will show results of App Store applications allowing you to install them right from Spotlight or open them from your device right from Spotlight. In addition, searches for music and media on the device yields search results with play buttons right next to them so you can start listening to them immediately. Not too shabby, eh?

    This Spotlight implementation isnít a jailbreak tweak, but maybe with a little hard work, Cody and a daring iOS developer might be able to make it a reality some day. One thing is certain: this interface could take great advantage of the iPhone 5ís taller display. Apple, take some notes!

    Do you think this Spotlight concept is iPhone-worthy?

    Sources: Cody Sanfilippo via TUAW
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    1. jrhudson's Avatar
      jrhudson -
    1. MXCO's Avatar
      MXCO -
      damn now this is what tim cook should of added and presented on the keynotes, this would of "WOW'd" a lot of more of people because honestly i'm not WOW'd about any features of the iphone 5 only thing i love about the new iPhone 5 is the hardware. if tim cook wants to keep steve jobs legacy going he gots to patent or buy or get this thing on the next iphone. But this is kinda of a widget but all in one widget type of thing but i love this idea, hopefully apple or tim cook see's this and think about adding it to iOS 6.1.1!
    1. NakedFaerie's Avatar
      NakedFaerie -
      One of the first Cydia apps I install on a restore of IOS is NOSPOT.
      If spotlight did this I would no longer install NOSPOT.

      I'm guessing it'll take a few years for Apple to think about what the public want and incorporate it into their IOS so I guess this will come to IOS8 or IOS9.
    1. klouud's Avatar
      klouud -
      this is amazing but it wont happen any time soon. This spotlight probably requires a bit more juice than the current hardware can handle with a zippy McZippington (quickly). But I'd pay money for an Apple feature like this.

      Why doesn't Apple sit down with its hard core community and brainstorm on new ideas for iOS? Its so simple!

    1. CZroe's Avatar
      CZroe -
      "Why spend the time opening App Store to download an application that you already know you want."
      Why ask a question without a question mark?
      Anyway, the reason is because it would need to load almost as many resources for all the data sources as the app itself would load and, thus, it would take every bit as long as launching the apps. Longer, even: Having everything from Netflix to App Store performing live searches as you type would be slow and hog resources and use excessive data.
    1. kyphur's Avatar
      kyphur -
      Quote Originally Posted by klouud View Post
      Why doesn't Apple sit down with its hard core community and brainstorm on new ideas for iOS? Its so simple!
      because one of Apple's core business ideals is that they know better than you what you want & need on your iPhone...
    1. Sage I's Avatar
      Sage I -
      Quote Originally Posted by NakedFaerie View Post
      One of the first Cydia apps I install on a restore of IOS is NOSPOT.
      👆Word! I have from day one of jailbreaking disabled spotlight... I have uninstalled No Spot a few times to try out spotlight and see if maybe I might like it... But no... Still don't find it useful, just annoying... Might be for some and that's cool, just not my cup of tea...
    1. Lysias55's Avatar
      Lysias55 -
      Eh still seems a bit useless. I installed SpotLock and haven't looked back. maybe its just for people that don't get the point of an app, you know the things you go to for the content you're actually looking for. I'm betting it'd eat up a bunch of ram anyways
    1. Sage I's Avatar
      Sage I -
      I think that if spotlight was revamped to be incorporated with notification center it may be more my thing... Sorta like a NC add on I have that puts a search bar in the NC to search google, Wikipedia, you tube and a dictionary... Add a search to that add on to search phone stuff and that would be great...
    1. Jdot1224's Avatar
      Jdot1224 -
      Really neat concept.
    1. Lohand's Avatar
      Lohand -
      Quote Originally Posted by jrhudson View Post
      No, funky dope!

      Oh, and why should any of the "Jailbreakus Appcreatus illuminatus" spend the endless hours of coding that would be required to pull this off when all that will happen (once the $4.99 price tag shows up) is that it will be hacked and available for free? Yea, I'm talking to all you snoot nosed punks downloading and posting endless hacked software reviews on youtube, frack-off you twisted lil Fux!
    1. teej1410's Avatar
      teej1410 -
      Quote Originally Posted by aries_green_monkey View Post
      Thats a great idea! But then again, its kind of light revamping the iPod Shuffle. No matter how you remake it, its still just an iPod Shuffle.

      Who uses spotlight anyway?? =/
      I disabled it via springtomize.
    1. kyphur's Avatar
      kyphur -
      Quote Originally Posted by teej1410 View Post
      I disabled it via springtomize.
      But how stupid is it that we have to Jailbreak in order to disable spotlight and hide Newstand?
    1. teej1410's Avatar
      teej1410 -
      Quote Originally Posted by kyphur View Post
      But how stupid is it that we have to Jailbreak in order to disable spotlight and hide Newstand?
    1. aries_green_monkey's Avatar
      aries_green_monkey -
      Alright then, I think the moral of the story is that 3 people would buy the next iPhone if they revamp their search engine... and 50 more will purchase it if we could just make the damn thing go away

      In reality guys, when we look at a feature like spotlight, we are looking at nothing more than a tool people will utilize when they dont really know how to use their iPhones. If you want to play a song, go to iPod. If you are looking to text, we all know where the iMessage icon is at.

      We are supposed to be the elite users, the ones who hack our phones, and shy away from ridiculous comments about "Apple listening to the people" or "Apple paying the guy who made this video". Personally, i take how Apple runs their business with a grain of salt. It is a prosperous company, there is no doubt about that, and no matter how much we complain, we all know that we are here because some time or another, they put out a superior product that attracted us here. If it takes them a little longer to stabalize the technology, or if they just want to milk the consumer population because they can, well then, that sounds like a strategic business move. If you want amazing features, buy an Android and move on to a forum all about how the damn phones freeze constantly and have bugs and force close all the apps etc.
    1. Mariousmc's Avatar
      Mariousmc -
      Links don't work for YT MMi! You guys seem to not acknowledge all the complaints about bad YT links. Quit playing ignorant
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