• Thief Rips Off Man's iPad, Finger

    A man in Denver lost most of his finger, and his iPad, as a thief snatched the device just as he was leaving the mall. The skin was torn off his finger and most of it had to be amputated because the robber ripped the bag out of his grasp with such force. Denver police are asking for the public's help in identifying a suspect.

    According to a Denver Police Department report, Bill Jordan, 59, had just purchased the iPad and was entering the parking garage of the Cherry Creek shopping mall with the bag "wrapped around his left hand and he was holding on tight," as he told police. The thief pulled so hard on the plastic bag that it ripped the skin completely off Jordan's left pinky down to the bone. As the paramedics who responded to the incident described it, the pinky was "degloved - the skin was peeled off." Jordan told police on the scene that he wouldn't be able to fill out a crime report right away, because he's left-handed. Doctors later amputated three-quarters of Jordan's finger.

    The victim hopes his tragedy will serve as a warning to other shoppers. "If there is any message in this," he said, it's that "it can happen anywhere at any time. This happened in broad daylight." The mall is in an affluent area, not known for violent crime. "You have to be alert at all times," Jordan warns, "especially when you're shopping for expensive items."

    Surveillance video shows an African-American man, about the age of 25 with a medium build and clean-shaven face, tearing the bag out of Jordan's hand as he went into the parking garage. In the video, he was wearing sunglasses, dark blue pants, and a long sleeved dark blue shirt, and was carrying messenger or satchel bag with a white strap. Anyone with information is asked to call Denver Police Crime Stoppers at 720 913-STOP (7867). A $2,000 reward is offered for information leading to the apprehension of the suspect.
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