• Twitter Releases Version 5.0 of Their iOS Application

    Twitter has just launched version 5.0 of their native iOS application, which is universal among all iOS devices. The update adds a ton of new features, cosmetic improvements, performance enhancements, and bug fixes. One of the major changes is the way users’ profiles now appear from within the application. The change is illustrated below:

    Profiles now get a header picture that displays behind the actual profile picture. By default, the header is that black background with the gray gradient. You can go to the Twitter Web site and set just about any header image you want for your profile and it will show up on your mobile devices for you and everyone else to see. For the iPhone and iPod touch, that’s just about all there is to the update.

    For the iPad however, the application has been completely rebuilt from scratch:

    Today you can download the new Twitter for iPad. We’ve rebuilt the app from the ground up to make it fast, beautiful and easy to use. Twitter for iPad brings you closer to what’s happening all over the world, and makes it easy to keep up with the news you need to read, the photos you want to see and the people you follow.

    On the iPad, you can see that it also gets the header image treatment. On top of this, Twitter has added support for ‘tap to expand’ on Tweets that hold content such as pictures, videos, and other kinds of media. A second tap will enlarge the picture for your viewing pleasure. You will also be able to use the Connect tab to see all interactions from people you follow and people who follow you. The Twitter application for iPad also gains a photo stream feature that allows you to scroll through all the pictures you’ve ever Tweeted right from your profile. It is integrated as a horizontal scrolling motion.

    Not only has the iOS application lineup seen some upgrades, but some features of the Twitter Web site have been upgraded as well. If you visit the Web site, you will see a new “Me” tab at the top left that links to your profile and the options for setting your header image are located in your profile settings.

    You can grab the new Twitter 5.0 for iOS update for free from this link.

    Sources: App Store via Twitter Blog
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    1. zplit's Avatar
      zplit -
      Very nice news thanks and yes looks amazing 😄😃😊
    1. Robert A Petersen's Avatar
      Robert A Petersen -
      Much better than before, but Tweetbot is still the best on iOS!
    1. zplit's Avatar
      zplit -
      Quote Originally Posted by Robert A Petersen View Post
      Much better than before, but Tweetbot is still the best on iOS!
      Agree 100%
    1. bclizzle's Avatar
      bclizzle -
      what theme is that iphone?
    1. skram's Avatar
      skram -
      Quote Originally Posted by bclizzle View Post
      what theme is that iphone?
      It's not a theme. It's iOS6.
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