• Are You Aware of Apple's Lifetime Limit on iPad Purchases?

    I wasn't aware of it. My friends weren't either. How about you?

    Of course, we're all aware of Apple's limit of two iPad purchases per customer. But who knew this "limit" was iron clad for life?

    After all, if we have a booklet full of identical coupons valid one per customer, every day we can use one coupon - ultimately redeeming the full value of the booklet on a day-by-day basis as a lone customer. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem that Apple plays by similar rules. And while most of us will never have a good reason to buy more than two iPads, those of us who have such needs are apparently out of luck.

    Case in point: a medical student recently chronicled his encounter with Apple's lifetime limit in his blog entitled "Protocol Snow." In a nutshell, the dude was simply buying iPads for his buddies who lived out of the country but still wanted (or needed) Apple's cool new tablet. To set the record straight, he wasn't buying the iPads and reselling them for a profit. Instead, he was reimbursed the exact cost of the purchase and shipping.

    Although the guy ultimately got away with more than two iPad purchases, the watchful eye of Apple eventually took notice. And on one fateful return trip to the Apple store to pick up an iPad that had been reserved online, the young man was promptly informed by an Apple Store employee that he couldn't buy the device. Here's how the sales rep allegedly put it: "All I can say is that you have reached your lifetime limit of iPads and will not be allowed to buy any more.

    Perhaps the reason none of us were aware of the lifetime limit of two iPads is because the "real" lifetime limit - according to one Apple Store employee "in the know" - is actually ten. Not two. It appears the sales rep in the story got confused between the daily limit and the lifetime limit.

    So now you know. You can go crazy and buy ten iPad's if you'd really like to. You'll just have to make five trips to the Apple Store to complete your life's work.

    Image via San Francisco Chronicle
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