• That Was Fast... iPhone 5 Already Jailbroken

    The iPhone 5 just launched publicly today after having been pre-ordered to death over the past week. Not even 12 hours past the official launch, iOS hacker and developer Grant Paul (chpwn) has managed to jailbreak an iPhone 5. Even more awesome is that the iPhone 5 runs iOS 6, which is Apple’s latest mobile operating system.

    The screenshot above was Tweeted on Twitter by chpwn this evening and it shows Cydia at the bottom of the home screen. Chpwn has confirmed via Twitter that the iPhone 5 he took a screenshot of is indeed jailbroken and that the Cydia application was not just compiled on a developer iPhone 5. This is great news for the jailbreak community and has revealed that there is a light at the end of the dark tunnel.

    In case you doubt that the screenshot is of an iPhone 5, you can tell by the resolution of the screenshot, which is taller than that of the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S. This allows for an extra row of application icons at the bottom of the screen, which the iPhone 5's larger four-inch display does indeed have.

    There is currently no estimated time of arrival on a jailbreak for the iPhone 5 and it probably won’t be out for a good amount of months – developing a jailbreak takes time and patience, as compatibility and hammering out bugs are always top priority before releasing any kind of solution to the general public.

    EDIT: Chpwn has just Tweeted Cydia's home page on the iPhone 5:

    EDIT #2: Chpwn has just Tweeted Cydia's home page on the iPhone 5 with the bottom row of text visible and the device visible:

    ModMyi will be keeping close tabs on the iPhone 5 jailbreak development, so stay tuned!

    Sources: Grant Paul (Chpwn)
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    1. joshlogic's Avatar
      joshlogic -
      Awesome! Perhaps I won't be waiting to get iPhone 5 all that long after all!
    1. bisayakid07's Avatar
      bisayakid07 -
      Can't wait!
    1. santaf's Avatar
      santaf -
      I miss my jailbreak already and it's only been 6 hours
    1. Cory Gillmore's Avatar
      Cory Gillmore -
      Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?
    1. zplit's Avatar
      zplit -
      Very good news!!! Hope is true.
    1. Kaisei's Avatar
      Kaisei -
      Yes! Yesss! YHeessss!
    1. Gamemaster77's Avatar
      Gamemaster77 -
      Now we just need a jailbreak for that new iPod.
    1. Kaisei's Avatar
      Kaisei -
      Sorry, I think I just nerdgasmed above.
    1. buttrr76's Avatar
      buttrr76 -
      great job!!
    1. regkilla's Avatar
      regkilla -
      Bring It!
    1. Slim J's Avatar
      Slim J -
      Jailbreaking iOS 6 is possible but slightly more difficult than other jailbreaks. You can tether jailbreak iOS 6 with redsn0w but it won't install Cydia. To install Cydia, you will have to compile it via SSH (shows you in link below). I jailbroke my iPod 4th gen last night on iOS 6 and pretty much everything is working. Here are tweaks I found working in iOS 6:

      -SBSettings (partially)

      Bugs (with jailbreak)
      -Restart Springboard function in Cydia doesn't work (reboots instead). Temp fix: Get SBSettings and just use respring setting there. Just to let you know with SBSettings respring, it'll show the Apple logo as if it was turning on but it is actually a respring, not a reboot
      -Processes function in SBSettings crashes springboard. No fix yet

      Here is a guide to jailbreak iPhone 3Gs/4 and iPod 4th gen on iOS 6 (4s not supported yet)
      Jailbreak iOS 6 - iPhone And iPod touch (A4-Based Only) Using Redsn0w [Tutorial] | Redmond Pie
    1. teej1410's Avatar
      teej1410 -
      chpwn is boss.
    1. BrokeTechie16's Avatar
      BrokeTechie16 -
      YES !!! The quicker this jailbreak is released the quicker I'll update
    1. Silverado1987's Avatar
      Silverado1987 -
      Wow I didnt expect that at all
    1. epikarus's Avatar
      epikarus -
      This it he reason why I come to this site, Jailbreak news and information not about lawsuits and other irrelavent nonsense. Although I'm still torn by iOS 6 for my ipad 3. On one hand there are improvements and functional features, but on the other hand there is the *shivers* Apple Maps. I guess Siri for my iPad has to wait.
    1. Kieranl89's Avatar
      Kieranl89 -
      You can't compile on an iPhone.. you compile on a computer and the resulting output is then executed on an iPhone
    1. BhadKarma's Avatar
      BhadKarma -
      Quote Originally Posted by BrokeTechie16 View Post
      YES !!! The quicker this jailbreak is released the quicker I'll update
    1. Bo's Avatar
      Bo -
      Awesome, can't wait.
    1. 2k1's Avatar
      2k1 -
      Good job devs
    1. purplemonkeyspank's Avatar
      purplemonkeyspank -
      FANTSTIC!!!! THAT WAS SO QUICK!!!! YOU CAN JAILBREAK THE IPHONE 5!!!! AWESOME!!!! ... But you may have to wait "a good amount of months" (whatever that means) Sensationalist headline followed by soul crushing minor details of possible length of time before we can have it. Yay for gizmodo style "journalism".
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