• Sprint Retail Stores Nearly Sold Out of iPhone 5 Supply on the East Coast

    Sprint retail stores on the East Coast are claiming to be nearly sold out of iPhone 5 inventory, according to a statement that Sprint provided to AllThingsD. The sales for the iPhone 5 have been robust at most locations with customers being told they might not get their iPhone for a few weeks. According to AllThingsD:

    "At this time, the majority of East Coast Sprint-branded retail stores are seriously constrained or sold out of iPhone 5 inventory provided to us by Apple," the carrier said. "Our stores will be resupplied as soon as additional devices are received from Apple."
    Previously, Sprint was the only wireless carrier who was reported to have stock left over after the initial pre-order rush on September 14th. The wireless carrier was rumored to have some 32GB and some 64GB models left but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. The image above shows an internal Sprint retail order page, with the iPhone 5 out-of-stock in all models at “eligible warehouses” for fulfillment to this particular Sprint location. This is said to be the case in most retail locations, at least on the East Coast.

    This is probably due to a mixture of people hopping ship to obtain unlimited data plans, which Sprint still offers to iPhone users and also due to just overall high demand for the iPhone 5 compared to previous smartphones and iterations of the iPhone. Are any of you Sprint customers who are currently waiting for an iPhone 5 to come to stock? If so, share your experience.

    Source: AllThingsD
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    1. bigboyz's Avatar
      bigboyz -
      This is the only phone that does this..that is crazy! No other phone demands lines around the block. No other phone is talked about nearly as much. No other phone is even mentioned..haha. Can't wait to get mine.
    1. Iblunt420's Avatar
      Iblunt420 -
      check out this video on youtube of the worlds first broken iphone 5

      search " iphone 5 vs hammer "

      they also do a screen replacement on the iPhone 5 in their follow up video. its worth watching lol
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