• Third Party Retail Stores Reportedly Seeing iPhone 5 Delays of up to 28 Days

    Although Apple and its carrier partners are the more popular sources for iPhone purchases, the new iPhone 5 was made available through a handful of other retailers in the United States as well. These retailers include Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Samís Club, and RadioShack. Typically, model availability is limited at these outlets but some customers prefer these locations as they find the smaller crowds to be more appealing for their purchases. It appears that some of these third-party retailers are finding themselves unable to meet their iPhone 5 pre-order plans due to a lack of supply from Apple though, which is leaving many customers disappointed for obvious reasons.

    Customers are supposedly getting emails notifying them that their pre-ordered iPhone 5 wonít be available at the date expected with an additional 28 day wait time before it comes into stock. Below is an email that a Best Buy customer received notifying them of the aforementioned news:

    I know that you're excited to get your new iPhone 5 and you can be sure we are as excited to sell it to you. Unfortunately, as of the night before the official launch, Best Buyģ has not received enough of the specific model phone you ordered, and we will not have it available on launch day. You can be certain that we are working very hard to get you, as quickly as possible, the exact iPhone 5 model you pre-ordered. It could take as long as 28 days to find the iPhone you want. However, there is no doubt that the fact you pre-ordered a phone from Best Buy means you will be able to buy it before any consumer trying to find one on their own.

    Trust us, we will be able to get you the phone you want Ė maybe not as fast as you might want, but likely as fast as anyone else at this point.

    I really appreciate your patience and willingness to shop Best Buy. We look forward to getting you the phone you ordered with us.
    Best Buy isnít the only one either as Samís Club is reportedly experiencing similar shortages as the company sent out notices to pre-order customers indicating that deliveries arenít expected for another 7-10 business days. An email example of that can be found below:

    Thank you for your recent iPhone 5 reservation. You may have seen some news reports today regarding shipment delays from Apple for the iPhone 5 launch. Unfortunately, this includes some of the anticipated shipment to our Clubs, resulting in reduced initial quantities of iPhones available. Reserved iPhones are anticipated to arrive approximately 7 to 10 business days from the original September 21 release date.

    A Club associate will be contacting you to reschedule your pickup date and time when we receive your phone at the Club. We apologize for the inconvenience.
    Walmart stores are also claiming that they havenít received their iPhone 5 stocks. Certain store employees are recommending that customers should check back in the coming days while others are saying they have no idea when shipments will be arriving from Apple.

    With the iPhone 5 in such high demand, shortages are expected and the majority of the people who want an iPhone 5 probably wonít have one for at least another few weeks. Have you gotten yours yet? Share your experience with us in the comments below.

    Source: MacRumors
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    1. ATLCardsFan's Avatar
      ATLCardsFan -
      How are you going to put something out for pre-order when you don't even know when you will get it? SMH
    1. Hondamaker's Avatar
      Hondamaker -
      Same with AT&T. I ordered mine on the 14th, later in the day and its still in the 'processing' stage.
    1. Bill1975's Avatar
      Bill1975 -
      I went to the AT&T store on launch day, 30 minutes before they opened. There were four people outside, and the manager told one of them he only had TWO phones in stock! A couple more people showed up, and when the store opened, he then said he had THREE phones in stock.

      I have a hard time believing the shortages are as bad as are being reported. I don't doubt retailers will run out to some degree, but for a store to only have 2 or 3 phones seems a bit suspicious. I also can't help but wonder if Apple is purposely undersupplying stores so people think there is a shortage and creating more buzz. It sounds weird, but Apple is great at marketing and creating demand, and I can't help but wonder if this is part of a clever scheme on their part. After all, people want what they can't have, and if people think there may be "limited stock", they are going to try even harder to get one.
    1. OceanMindedBoy's Avatar
      OceanMindedBoy -
      I went at 5.30am to my local Verizon store and the time passed by pretty fast. I met some cool people. I was number 7 in line and everything went really smooth. The rep said they had like 100 iPhones
    1. mlee19841's Avatar
      mlee19841 -
      Early bird gets the worm.
    1. Iblunt420's Avatar
      Iblunt420 -
      check out this video on youtube of the worlds first broken iphone 5

      search " iphone 5 vs hammer "

      they also do a screen replacement on the iPhone 5 in their follow up video. its worth watching lol
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