• Pay-What-You-Want for a Set of Ten Indie Games with the new Humble Bundle

    We talked about a previous iteration of the Humble Indie Bundle and the folks over at the site have released a new edition. Four additional games were recently added to original six released for this edition of the Humble Bundle. As always, the pay-what-you-want model applies here with the total being sent to independent developers, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), and Childís Play, a charity that provides game consoles to children in hospitals.

    Those of you who are interested in qualifying for the four additional games added to the original bundle just have to pay more than the average donation, which is currently set at $6.00. If you can afford just a bit over $6.00, youíll get ten good games, a few of which are quite popular in the indie-gaming community. The games available for this bundle include the following:

    • Rochard
    • Shatter
    • S.P.A.Z.
    • Torchlight
    • Vessel
    • Dustforce*
    • Gratuitous Space Battles*
    • Jamestown*
    • Wizorb*

    *Denotes games that require you to pay more than the average price donated.

    With the addition of the four games, the total value of the bundle increases to a total of $135. Itís a pretty good way to support independent game development on the Mac for those of you who are interested. Furthermore, all the games included are DRM-free (which means you can put them on any computer you own), can be redeemed on Steam (if you pay at least a dollar), and come with the soundtrack as well Ė an offer that is quite enticing for many gamers.

    Source: Humble Bundle
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    1. turdsmoka's Avatar
      turdsmoka -
      Has anyone played any of these games?
    1. The6uest's Avatar
      The6uest -
      No but most average around a 80% Metacritic score. I like to support these bundles since they give a portion to charity, plus some of the games look pretty good. I'm looking forward to trying Rochard, Torchlight, Vessel, Dustforce and Shatter anyways.
    1. petrusk's Avatar
      petrusk -
      I'd pay 6 bucks easy just for Torchlight. So good, as well TOrchlight was released a few days ago (mmo)
    1. Dometic's Avatar
      Dometic -
      Torchlight is good. My friend bought a bundle like this a while back for me. Haven't gotten a chance to play all the games yet.
    1. zaquaz's Avatar
      zaquaz -
      I have played torchlight. I paid $20 originally, and it was well worth the price, but that's my opinion. This looks like a great bundle, and I bought it even though I own torchlight already.
    1. The6uest's Avatar
      The6uest -
      Quote Originally Posted by petrusk View Post
      So good, as well TOrchlight was released a few days ago (mmo)
      You mean Torchlight 2? That was just released last week.
    1. JaneD0e's Avatar
      JaneD0e -
      Bad piggies a new hit. Anyone played it yet?
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