• Rock.app for iPad - PICS

    The iPad jailbreak is imminent, and developers have been hard at work tweaking their jailbreak apps for a nice experience on iPad as well (hey Sean Kovacs - GV Mobile + being worked on? We all want it on our iPads...). Both Cydia and Rock.app are getting makeovers to fit the big screen. We got a sneak peek at Rock.app's iPad UI.

    The new Rock.app is ready to release as soon as the jailbreak is public. There are many improvements and a nicer user experience due to the size. The front page of Rock now has a Cover Flow-like list of featured apps, and the whole page has been redesigned to better highlight some of the "hot" apps and themes.

    Depictions open up in a right panel while the list of apps stays static on the left now. We'll be redoing our depiction pages to take advantage of that extra screen real estate as well on all our Cydia/Rock packages shortly after the jailbreak release. Many existing packages will still have a 320 width set on all the packages the repos have up, purely since it was hard-coded in the CSS. A little bit of loving attention, and they'll fill up that space well.

    Jailbreak looks great on an iPad.

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