• SoftBank CEO Replaces Lost iPhones After Japanese Quake

    Following the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan recently, SoftBank president and founder Masayoshi Son has decided to give free cell phones to all the children who were orphaned by the earthquake. Not only that, but he also promised that none of these children would have to pay any cell fees until they reach 18 years old.

    After the quake, some 3,800 of SoftBank's cell towers were taken out of commission. This made it impossible for any SoftBank customers to make or receive calls in the affected area. All cellular providers were affected by this devastating earthquake.

    Masayoshi Son recently went to the city of Tamura, where many people have sought refuge following the devastating tsunami and Fukushima nuclear disaster. Masayoshi Son was so moved by what he saw there that he offered to buy food, pay for commuter costs and offered jobs to many of the refugees. Son, who has nearly 1 million followers on Twitter, recently asked his followers for suggestions about how SoftBank could further help earthquake victims.

    When one of his Twitter followers, suggested that SoftBank should offer free cell phone service to all the children orphaned by the earthquake, Masayoshi Son decided to enact this idea right away. Son has stated that this free cell phone service will continue until the children reach 18 years of age. Also, as SoftBank is the sole provider of iPhones in Japan, any customer who lost or damaged their iPhone as a result of the quake will receive a free replacement. Hopefully, other companies will follow the example set by SoftBank's generosity.

    Source: Mobile Crunch
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