• Microsoft Launches "Xbox Music" Service with Plans for an Upcoming iOS App

    Microsoft recently announced its new music service, which is called “Xbox Music” and shared its plans to compete with iTunes, Spotify, and RDIO. The music service has currently launched for the Xbox 360 and October 26th for Windows 8 (it will come pre-installed) and Windows Phone 8 devices. The company also noted that the service is also said to launch as an iOS app shortly thereafter with no date being specified. The iOS app is likely to have the same metro UI seen by the My Xbox Live iOS app. The folks over at GigaOm noted the following:

    But the biggest story to me is that Xbox Music will embrace Android and iOS. Jerry Johnson, general manager of Xbox Music, wasn't able to tell me exactly when the apps for those two platforms are going to come out, but the sense that I took away from the briefing was that his team is working on making it happen sooner rather than later. Xbox Music on Android and iOS will look very much like Xbox Music on Windows Phone 8, which itself in many ways follows the style formerly known as Metro.
    The Xbox Music service is Microsoft’s attempt to catch up with everything that has occurred in the digital music space over the last two years. It will offer a free and ad-supported tier for playback on Windows 8 devices, a $10 subscription tier for ad-free playback on Windows 7 devices as well as the Xbox 360 and Windows Phone 8. A paid cloud locker service that offers track matching is also said to be added soon as well. The competing services don’t need to worry too much just yet as Microsoft announced their service will be for limited hours of free streaming after six months.

    For those of you who are interested, you can watch a video about Xbox Music below:

    As of right now, pricing for iOS users has not been revealed but Microsoft did say that they will be offering a free ad-supported version for Windows 8 device owners and a $10 ad-free plan for those who want an ad-free experience. The prices of the iOS app are likely to be similar.

    Source: GigaOm
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    1. baRRy boRRis's Avatar
      baRRy boRRis -
      I love that they're planning an iOS app, but nothing for Windows 7, which will be left with Zune.
    1. Anonymous's Avatar
      Anonymous -
      I hope it's metro-styled.
    1. blagger69's Avatar
      blagger69 -
      Does anyone really give a ****??
    1. scroogelives's Avatar
      scroogelives -
      How many attempts is this now for Microsoft to enter the music market?? They have never got it right yet so why would this be any different??
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