• Another Major Player Hops on the HTML5 Train to Apple

    Apple's position on Flash is clear: there's no desire or room for it on Apple's most popular iDevices (at least from Cupertino's perspective). Consequently, if Apple is charting a course to new horizons that doesn't include Flash on the journey, others who want to make the trek with Apple similarly have their work cut out for them - namely, to also cut out the need for Flash wherever appropriate and whenever possible.

    CBS, while no stranger to HTML5, is now delving deeper into Apple's desired territory. Anthony Soohoo, senior VP of CBS Interactive, is flapping his lips across the blogosphere today with comments that CBS will soon distribute to the iPad all the video content available on CBS.com. Essentially, CBS is going to pump out "all" video as HTML5, not merely "some" of it.

    It should be noted, however, that the decision by CBS isn't an overtly anti-Flash position. Instead, it should be considered a pro-Apple posturing. According to Soohoo, quoted by Salon.com: “When we were looking at the iPad as a separate device, it had a lot more similarities to a PC in our mind…So for us, we wanted to make sure that video was available through HTML5 on the iPad first.”

    Last week on MMI, we covered news about Microsoft having aggressive designs on using H.264-based HTML5 for its presence in the all-important web video content market. And while neither Microsoft or CBS are dumping Flash in Apple-like fashion, both companies - not to mention many, many others - are clearly endeavoring to more closely align themselves with Apple and the tremendous potential that comes with being a major player and content provider on the iPad.

    Image via thetechherald
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