• Icon Labels Greyed Out after WinterBoard Update: SOLUTION

    UPDATE: Winterboard was updated again yesterday with an included "White Icon Labels" package, so this post is mostly unnecessary now. Original post follows for archive:

    I just updated my phone to the new winterboard. Now my text under my icons is transparent and grey. I wen into the themes folder nad deleted all the extra winterboard crap. But my icon labels are still grey and transparent. GGRGRGRGRGRGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Can someone please tell me how to fix this.
    To everyone with the problem that gives you light gray icon labels after updating Winterboard, three solutions for you:

    SOLUTION 1 (try this first - simple, but might create problems with your theme)
    Open Winterboard, and set 'Summerboard mode' to OFF. Respring. This will fix your icon labels, but it might make some elements of your theme go away. Try this one first, and if everything looks good, stop here.
    If anything is wrong with your theme after doing this, switch 'summerboard mode' back to ON, respring again, and proceed to Solution 2....

    SOLUTION 2 (it works - but labels might not look quite how you want)
    Download a winterboard theme in cydia called "white labels." In Winterboard, under 'Themes,' just select both 'White Labels' AND the theme of your choice. Respring. If you're happy with this look, stop here. For what's, in my opinion, closer to the stock iPhone look, go to Solution 3...

    SOLUTION 3 (advanced - gets labels to look pretty much like they did before)
    Do Solution 2 above, then navigate to Library/Themes/White Labels/ and edit info.plist

    <string>color: white</string>

    <string>font-family: Helvetica; font-size: 11px; color: white; text-shadow: #000000 0px -1px 0px</string>
    <string>font-family: Helvetica; font-size: 11px; color: white; text-shadow: #000000 0px -1px 0px</string>

    Then respring again.

    It should now look nearly the same as it did before the Winterboard update. If they release another Winterboard update to fix, just remember to disable or uninstall the White Labels theme.


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    1. dalilfob's Avatar
      dalilfob -
      My problem is not just the text color, but the icon itself is transparent. These fixes at best will change the color of the icons' texts back into white, but does not solve the problem of icon being transparent. Any enlightenment on solving this? The theme was working fine until I update winterboard 2 days ago.
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