• Apple Announces New Version of iBooks

    At Apple's event today, Tim Cook took the stage and announced an iBooks update would be available for us today. The update adds many useful new features to the application for everyone around the world.

    To start, iBooks now comes with support for over 40 different languages. iBooks will also allow pages to flip right to left for the Japanese language with the illusion that the book is actually being held the opposite way that you would hold it if reading in the English language.

    Sharing has also been improved, as iBooks now has additional features for iCloud integration and the ability to share quotes right from a book's page to Facebook or Twitter. Just highlight some text and tap the share button and an iOS 6-like share sheet will appear with sharing options.

    Probably the best new feature is the continuous scrolling feature, which will allow the user to just keep scrolling vertically without the need to flip page after page. Some people may prefer this feature if the book is longer and they donít want to continually flip between pages with multiple flicks.

    The update is not yet available in the App Store, but we will edit this post with a download link as soon as we see it.

    Source: Apple
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    1. Sniper488's Avatar
      Sniper488 -
      Nice, I've actually been waiting for this update for a long time! Goodbye Stanza and all other reading apps I've been using!!!

      And why no iBooks for Mac??? Disappointing !!!
    1. dimitricus's Avatar
      dimitricus -
      Do you know if there will be Scientific articles?
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