• Sprint Gets Both the iPad Mini and Fourth-Generation iPad

    With the recent Apple event, the nation’s fourth largest carrier, Sprint, also announced that it will be getting both the iPad mini and the new fourth-generation iPad in coming weeks. The wireless carrier will be offering the new tablets with various data plans to take advantage of its small, but growing, 4G LTE network. Customers who are in areas without 4G will have to settle for 3G though. The iPad mini will be starting at $459 while the fourth-generation iPad will start out at a higher price of $629.

    Although being an Apple fan with a Sprint contract hasn't been easy since the release of the original iPhone on the network, there seems to be some hope for Sprint users. After what appears to be a long while, Sprint is finally getting a hold of Apple’s tablets, this time two of them as opposed to one (the fourth-generation iPad and the new iPad mini). Customers who prefer to get an iPad that works on the Sprint network will be able to do so upon the release of the new tablets.

    Will any of you be getting either of Apple’s tablets on the Sprint network?
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    1. showka's Avatar
      showka -
      I have a jailbroken iPad 3 and the only reason i would not want the 4th generation right now is that it will come with iOS 6, which has no jailbreak and an iOS device without a jailbreak is useless and below par in my opinion.
    1. bigboyz's Avatar
      bigboyz -
      A Jailbreak will come. I don't understand why people get so impatient with a resource that was not available just a few years ago. Now that we have hacks/jailbreaks we are all reliant on them and moan/complain when we upgrade to a firmware that does not support them. So keep your iPad 3 and stay at 5.1.1 just as i have. It won't stop me from buying 2 of them though haha!
    1. nmoreman's Avatar
      nmoreman -
      I'm really wanting to see what their program is for data, and will it be tied into the phones, such as family
      plans, or stand alone.
      Sprint/Softcom's commitment is to data service, so expected to see this. I don't have LTE service, but purchased
      a Verizon 3, just in case I needed it. Have yet to
      have to use it (use jailbroken 4s to power it), but have yet to see a release on what Sprint plans to offer
      customers who pay this premium for a basically non-existant service. This means I won't be waking up
      to buy this like I did my Iphone 5!!
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