• Skype 6 for Mac Released

    Skype 6 has launched today with support for the MacBook Pro’s retina display; just in time for Apple’s recently unveiled 13-inch MacBook Pro with retina display, albeit Apple also sells a 15-inch MacBook Pro with retina display at this point in time.

    The update further engraves Microsoft’s name into the application by allowing users to sign in with their Windows Live ID or Facebook information. In doing so, Facebook messenger contacts and Windows Live Messenger contacts can be merged into your Skype contacts and all seamlessly instant messaged from Skype 6.

    Mac users will notice that the application icon has now changed. Instead of the older glossy icon, Skype now has the solid-blue colored icon like it does in iOS.

    Current Skype users can upgrade to Skype 6 from their existing Skype version by going to the Menu Bar and clicking “Check for Updates” from the Skype menu. Alternatively, users can visit Skype’s Web site and download the updated client (links below):

    Sources: Skype
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