• Did Apple Force the WePad's Re-branding Ahead of the iPad's Euro Arrival?

    As the iPad prepares to descend upon a multitude of Europe countries, the German makers of the iPad rival known as the "WePad" have taken a different direction with their tablet device and changed its name prior to launch. Say goodbye to the "WePad" and hello to the "WeTab."

    Apart from the name change, however, it's pretty much the same iPad knock-off that's been on the horizon for several months.

    The Android tablet preparing to hit the German market is remarkably similar to the iPad, although it supports Flash, sports a bigger screen, serves up a webcam and even two USB ports. And while the makers of WePad - excuse me... "WeTab" - say the device isn't an 'iPad killer,' its ostensible goal - to take a bite out of the iPad's market share - is obvious. And the WeTab has undoubtedly been designed with certain iPad deficiencies in mind.

    In a statement this weekend, the German company behind the WeTab revealed that the reason for the name change was to "clearly differentiate our products within the international market for tablet computers."
    This change only concerns the name of the product and company. All other particulars and pre-orders are not affected.
    It is not yet known - but obviously presumed - that Apple made a stink about the similar names. Although it isn't believed that Apple made any legal threats, the timing is, after all, very suspicious. Think about it. The WePad's name is changed to WeTab on the same day that Apple announced the iPad's forthcoming availability in various Western European countries.

    The basic WePad delivers Wi-Fi capability and 16 gigs of storage for euro 449 ($600). A 32-gig with 3G modem is priced at at euro 569.

    Image via Boston Globe
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