• iWork Working Beautifully at Making Bank for Apple

    As if Apple isn't sitting on a large enough goldmine already, Silicon Alley Insider says Apple is poised to make bank - big time - on iPad office apps Pages, Keynote, and Numbers. Estimates suggest that Apple has already raked in better than $3 million in sales from those apps in the short time the iPad has been available.

    Based on more than one analysis of App Store sales thus far, iWork apps have the potential to generate upwards of $40 million in sales annually. And those estimates are far from exaggerated, especially when you consider that Apple's apps have been ranked in the top ten paid apps since the minute the iPad rolled out.

    Sales estimates, however, are based on the "assumption" that a top ranked paid application sells approximately 7,500 copies on either a Saturday or Sunday. On a weekday, the same top rated app would would rack up another 2,500 sales. If these are the types of sales that Apple is seeing with its iWork apps, Apple may enjoy a substantial stream of revenue for as far as the "i" can see.

    Needless to say, in the big picture, $40 million is a veritable drop in the financial bucket for Apple, especially since the company's overall revenue could rack up $1 billion this quarter. But Apple's increasing ability to rake in the green from a variety of sources - whether its iWork apps or iAd revenue - proves that Apple can make bank in a wide assortment of ways behind their revolutionary devices.
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