• iPad WiFi Fix On Its Way… Someday

    Apple recently released an updated support document with greater detail on the WiFi problems experienced by what the company calls "a very small number of iPad users." Although no release date was specified, the document did promise that Apple will "address remaining Wi-Fi connectivity issues with a future iPad software update," and provided some additional workaround suggestions, including adjusting the screen brightness and updating the WiFi router's firmware.

    Almost as soon as users got their hands on their new iPads, they noticed issues with their WiFi connections: disconnects, poor signal, or complete failure to associate with a wireless network after waking the tablet from sleep. Apple issued a support document on the last issue soon after it was reported, which it claimed was limited to multi-band capable WiFi access points.

    Separately, some large campus network administrators noticed that iPads were hanging onto their DHCP-assigned IP addresses after the lease had expired. This caused some devices to be unable to use the network after the DHCP server determined they were using an unauthorized IP address and blocked their MAC addresses. Princeton University found this issue had occurred with more than half of the iPads on campus, and "recommended" that iPad users not connect their devices to the network. Princeton network administrators determined that this is an issue with iPhone OS 3.2, and published some workarounds that "may prevent" the malfunction, including turning off WiFi before putting the tablet to sleep, powering it down completely, or just never sleeping it at all. They say they are working with Apple to help correct the problem.

    It's unclear whether the vaguely-promised update will also deal with the DHCP lease issue, but the support document update does make mention of manually renewing the DHCP lease and turning the wireless radio off and on in addition to the configuration and firmware-related hints.
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