• Slide Circus - A Fun New Puzzle Game for iOS

    The guys over at FDG Entertainment are at it again with another awesome iOS game. Just recently they revealed an update to their hit iOS game Blueprint 3D. Today FDG Entertainment has launched another game called Slide Circus. The game allows you to move rows and columns of tiles that make up a scrambled image. When you unscramble the image, the puzzle will be complete and you can move on to the next.

    When you get past the splash screen, you will see the screen above. Here, you can tap on the play button to get into the action, tap on the trophy button to see the integrated Game Center leaderboards for the game, or tap on the star button to see your achievements. The settings button lets you reset the game, change the language, change the theme, or view the credits. The shopping cart button allows you to buy more coins to unlock in game content, although the coins can be earned in the game for free.

    If you choose to play the game, you will be brought to a screen where you can select your level pack to play in. By getting past the first level pack, you will unlock level pack 2 and so on. Also for a touch of fun, the developers have included a puzzle for the level pack screen as well. You can scramble it yourself and attempt to solve it to tap on the level pack you want to play.

    You will notice throughout the level selection screens that there are multiple buttons across the bottom. In the level pack screen you will see a share button, which can be used to share the game with your friends. From the actual level selection screen, you will notice a music and sound button. These buttons can be used to mute the music or mute the sound during the game. You can also use the back button to navigate through the interface.

    When you choose a level pack, you will be brought to a screen where you can pick the level you want to play. You will need to play each level in order to unlock the next, so you will have to start at the beginning to get to the end. Levels that you have completed will be marked with a green dot and levels you can play will be marked with a gray dot. You can move up to two levels above your current completed level, giving you some room to skip a level if you get stumped.

    The game play is relatively simple. You simply move rows and columns with the finger by swiping and any decorated tiles will move around. You must get the tiles to arrange just right so you can see the image shown to you at the beginning of the level. After you do that, you will need to center it on the screen to end the level. You will then be showed a screen that records how many swipes it took you to get through the level (less is better). From that screen, you can replay the level or move on to the next.

    The pencil image shown above looks like a piece of cake... and it was. The fun part, however, is that the puzzles get larger and progressively harder as you move through the game. These easier puzzles help get you acquainted with the controls and game play before you start getting frustrated with the rather difficult puzzles to come. If at any point in the game you forget what you're trying to build, you can tap on the "Remind" button at the bottom to see a preview of the finished product.

    As you move through levels, you will earn coins that can be used for unlocking in game content. Game themes are one of the unlockables you can get, which are basically just different colored interfaces that you can use instead of the default.

    Slide Circus is 99 in the App Store for the iPhone and iPod touch, while Slide Circus HD for the iPad is $1.99. The game is going to be a fun new time-killer that combines the perfect balance of critical thinking with entertainment. It comes with iPhone 5 4-inch display support too. You can hit up either of the download links below to reserve your copy:

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      thazsar -
      I'm not sure why I'm reading this on MMI.... Topic seems out of place.
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      fungusfeet -
      Nice ad.
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      Not universal and no iCloud sync between devices..? What is this? 2008?
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      Quote Originally Posted by scottjl View Post
      Not universal and no iCloud sync between devices..? What is this? 2008?
      I can understand them selling a cheaper iPhone/iPod version for people who only have those, but the more expensive iPad version should always be universal IMO.
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