• Sony Considers Tablet to Duke it Out with iPad

    Between the announcement of the iPad and its subsequent arrival, the thunderous headlines pronouncing a flurry of forthcoming competitive tablets has dwindled to an occasional blurb about the "possibility" of other tech giants rolling out their own iPad rival - but at no time soon. And while talk of potential iPad "killers" still lingers, it doesn't seem as though any competing device will soon knock the iPad from its dominant perch.

    Yet, today, news has broken that Sony is tinkering with the idea of jumping head first into the tablet pool to mix things up with Apple.

    According to a Bloomberg/Newsweek report, Sony has the passion and ability to develop a rival tablet computer, but it must first determine if there is adequate consumer interest to make such a venture worthwhile.

    Mike Abary, senior VP of Sony’s Information Technology Products unit, says: “We have been taking a deep look at developing a tablet for a number of years, not just because of Apple but because it creates some interesting opportunities.”

    Naturally, although Sony is downplaying the impact of Apple's tablet on the marketplace, the consumer electronics giant has clearly been inspired to begin speaking publicly about the possibility of its own tablet as a result of Apple selling better than one million iPads during its first full month of release. “The iPad has created a new opportunity,” Abary added. “Now we can get a good judgment as to whether the market is truly accepting of it.”

    With gaming becoming such a central focus of iPad users, Sony - a company that know a thing or two about targeting avid video gamers - would likely stress gaming friendliness in the development and launch of a rival tablet. But, ultimately, talk is cheap. And if Sony wants to cut into Apple's market share, it will need to do so before virtually everyone who wants a tablet owns an iPad.
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