• A Potential Move to ARM for Macs would cause Apple to Face Many Hurdles

    The folks over at AllThingsD took a closer look at the landscape to analyze the benefits and challenges of Apple potentially making a switch from Intelís processors to custom ARM-based chips for its Mac lines, an idea that surfaced in a report released yesterday. The analysis contrasts Intelís focus on performance with ARMís focus on power efficiency and notes that there is no inherent reason why Apple couldn't push ARM technology more toward the performance end of the spectrum to make the chips more suitable for both desktops and notebooks.

    If a company decided it wanted to design an ARM chip that was, as [analyst Nathan] Brookwood put it, ďhell-bent on performance,Ē it could be done. ďYou could get a pretty fast machine,Ē he says.

    Trouble is, it would have to be not only be fast, but have a really excellent roadmap lasting well into the future that not only met but exceeded that of Intel. Thatís a tall, tall order.
    The AllThingsD report points to ARMís just announced 64-bit processor designs as being key to any move into the Mac, noting that the Russian company Elbrus Technologies has developed a Rosetta-like emulation technology that could allow ARM chips to run software written for Intel processors.

    On another note, Intel has a long track record of being at the forefront of processor performance along with a strong history with Apple since the companyís Mac lines transitioned from the PowerPC chips seven years ago. Because of this, any decision to switch from Intel to ARM canít be made lightly and Apple is clearly taking an extended time frame to examine the possibility. With Bob Mansfield now heading up the division of Apple dedicated new technologies in wireless and semiconductors, it seems that there may be a renewed focus on pushing the boundaries of the ARM platform even further then where they are at now.

    Source: AllThingsD via MacRumors
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