• Forget the iPhone, BlackBerry May Take on the iPad

    While it isn't yet clear who will be the first brave combatant to challenge Apple head-on in the tablet market, it's inevitable that some intrepid warrior and its own tablet will soon lock horns with the iPad. And then another... and another, and another. Indeed, the tablet market has proven far too lucrative to Apple for other consumer electronics giants to leave the entire market for Cupertino alone.

    Following yesterday's word from Sony that it may enter the tablet pool to mix things up with Apple (but only if it first determines if there is adequate consumer interest to make such a venture worthwhile), today we're learning that Research In Motion, the makers of the BlackBerry, is reportedly also looking into a tablet of its own.

    Having failed to unseat the iPhone as the world's most ubiquitous smartphone, perhaps the envisioned "BlackBerry Tablet" would have better luck fairing against the iPad. If nothing more, some industry analysts say that a BlackBerry tablet could ultimately be a wise product development because it could, in turn, aid sales of Blackberry phones as well. If initial reports prove accurate, there will be "no mobile networking" for the tablet. Instead, the device will connect to a BlackBerry phone through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

    In the first full month of its release, Apple sold in excess of one million iPads - an impressive start to the estimated four to five million units that industry analysts think will be sold before the end of 2010.
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