• The "Original" Apple Tablet Can Be Yours

    It's almost too difficult to believe, but someone is likely going to spend more for Apple's original "tablet" than some of us will spend on a brand new iPad.

    Gotta love eBay.

    This weekend an all out bidding war began for a chunk of Apple history: a Newton MessagePAD Prototype DVT Unit. And while bidding began in a modest range for this "technological relic," the most die-hard of Apple fans (those with too much time and money on their hands) have since driven the asking price sky high. At present, this little beauty will cost you better than $500, and that bid will likely escalate as we near the end of the bidding period.

    So what exactly will you get for such a hefty chunk of change? The device is a development test unit for the original Newton Messagepad (OMP or MP100). According to the product description on the eBay page, the difference between this unit and the final version is the labeling "Notepad" on the front (instead of Messagepad).

    It is however definitely a test unit as it is incredibly unstable, crashing very often even when doing fairly simple tasks.
    At least if you're a Windows user, you'll already be familiar with the above scenario.

    Of course, if you're a real Apple fanatic, please note that the original Apple case is included. And, yes, the stylus is there too. Forget the Smithsonian, someone is taking this bad boy home this week.

    And I predict a jailbreak the following day
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