• Major Corporations Turn Attention to Jailbreak Scene

    In July of last year, the Federal Government brought some clarification to a previously much-debated question and declared jailbreaking legal. Millions of folks who'd jailbroken their iDevices rejoiced, but aside from that not much changed visibly.

    Now, however, we are beginning to see signs pointing to the legitimization of the jailbreak community in big business' eyes. With millions of iDevices in circulation, and over 4-5 million active jailbreakers (that number being the amount of individual devices which have logged into Cydia in the past week), major corporations have largely been ignoring this major niche market. We're beginning to see that change. I got some rough numbers from saurik, who says 8-9% of iDevice users are jailbroken, 1.5 million unique users log into Cydia daily, 4-5 million weekly. By his estimate, there are 10-15 million jailbroken iDevices out there. He notes he'll have better stats soon due to his new database statistics structure.

    Scion, a brand of vehicles manufactured by Toyota, recently developed a custom iPhone theme specifically for jailbroken devices, submitting it to us for hosting in Cydia (full disclosure: they are also running an ad campaign through ModMyi.com within Cydia pointing to said theme, and this article is unrelated to that). Search Scion 2011 Theme in Cydia to find it. This is the first major corporation we have seen put direct positive attention into the jailbreak scene, developing specifically for it and addressing this large userbase. Could this be a turning of the tide for the previously "outlaw" jailbreak community?

    There's tons of obvious plays for the market available. Amazon has started their /own/ [ame="http://www.amazon.com/mobile-apps/b/ref=topnav_storetab_mas?ie=UTF8&node=2350149011"]Android AppStore[/ame], aside from Android's own store. Adobe has been going around and around with Apple for years trying to get Flash on these devices, losing out on a huge amount of the mobile market share. There's an extremely viable option in the jailbreak community for them to develop and release here, as it's obvious Apple won't be relenting anytime soon. Flash purposefully wasn't even included on the latest Macbook Airs ([ame]http://modmyi.com/forums/mac-news/734107-apple-no-preinstalled-flash-macs.html[/ame]). Cydia essentially has the entire market of jailbreak - what if many companies, sports teams, and schools had their own themes in Cydia as well as their apps already in the AppStore?

    There is a huge market in the jailbreak community being ignored by big business, assumedly because of the association with terms like "hacker" and Apple's very public previous anti-jailbreak stance. Apple remains anti-jailbreak, stating it "may" void your warranty. Note - they do not state it "does" void your warranty - they know they won't win in court if they try to deny someone a warranty from a fault which had nothing to do with the actual jailbreaking (ie, hardware failure).

    iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads are extremely powerful mobile computers. Apple's iOS is the best mobile OS - so why do we have restricted devices? Apple touts the security of OS X just as much as iOS - yet OS X computers allow us full access. No other personal computers have these sandbox restrictions (not even Macs), and for major corporations to be able to develop without constraint for the iDevices would be beneficial to all of us. There's a giant market which is being largely ignored. Cydia is awesomely poised to be a great avenue for say, Flash. If a user chooses to jailbreak their device, so be it. Or even better - if no jailbreak was needed and Apple shipped a device we could fully access just like all our other computers. The line between mobile phone and computer has been blurred for years, and is only becoming more so.
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      LGgeek -
      The music companies ignored then put Napster out of business, then Steve Jobs introduced the iPod and showed them how stupid they were for ignoring a potential gold mine. The rest is history, wonder if Apple will embrace this movement before someone else does.
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