• Is Amazon Turning The Kindle Into An iPad Knock-Off?

    In the world of mobile gadgets, the law of evolution is simple: evolve or perish.

    To avoid an untimely demise - or at least a preventable loss of market share - it appears that Amazon is poised and ready for the next evolutionary step in the life of its popular Kindle. The evidence? As some - including our friends at The New York Times - have noticed, Amazon has embarked on what can truly be called a hiring spree, posting an assortment of new openings that suggest Amazon is preparing a next generation Kindle.

    The announcement earlier this year about the iPad ó with its high-contrast color screen, Web browser, games, applications and computing capabilities ó brought a wave of of speculation over the future of Amazonís e-reader.
    Amazonís Kindle division, Lab 126, is looking for a few good men and women as the Kindle stands primed and ready for big changes. Recent clues from Amazon suggest that scores of new staffers, developers, and engineers have been put in place to introduce everything from gaming support to an SDK for the Kindle. Slowly but steadily, Amazon could very well be posturing itself to better compete with the iPad by dramatically overhauling the popular ereader to become a significantly more "dynamic" entertainment platform.

    For now, it isn't known if or when a next generation Kindle will roll out. But Amazon employees who aren't "authorized to speak publicly" tell the New York Times privately that something big is cooking. And so it shouldn't come as a big shocker to anyone when Amazon's next Kindle update looks surprisingly similar to the iPad - the very device that is all but certainly the primary inspiration for any major tweaks coming the Kindle's way.

    Image via New York Times
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