• Patent Dispute between Apple and Motorola may be settled through Arbitration

    Google owned Motorola Mobility is said to be considering arbitration in an attempt to settle the ongoing patent infringement litigation with Apple. Details of the preliminary discussions were revealed in a court filing originally highlighted by Bloomberg on Friday. The two companies have reportedly been exchanging proposals in which they might enter binding arbitration to reach a licensing agreement over standards essential patents.

    Apple said in a filing that an agreement through arbitration could lead to a global settlement between the two companies. Google also indicated that it prefer to see a global solution as well. Apple’s filing stated that the company “agrees that arbitration may be the best vehicle to resolve the parties’ dispute.”

    For those of you who aren’t in the loop, Apple previously indicated to the Wisconsin court that it is willing to pay Google-owned Motorola Mobility no more than $1 per iPhone sold to license standard-essential patents. The Cupertino California company even told that the court that if it set a FRAND rate at or below $1, they would begin to take a license and start paying Motorola immediately. The rate that the company is willing to pay is significantly lower than the 2.25 percent of Apple’s sales that Motorola seeks for standard-essential patents. On the other hand, intellectual property expert, Florian Mueller said he doesn’t expect Motorola to “ever” receive a payout that large.

    Talk of a settlement suggests that Apple could possibly be working to settle another high-profile patent infringement suit. Just last weekend, both Apple and HTC publicly announced that they had settled all of their patent litigation out of court, even going as far as agreeing to a 10-year licensing deal. Of the outstanding disputes that remain, we all know the one between Apple and Samsung is the largest. Samsung just recently even went as far as saying that they have no plans to settle with Apple.

    We’ll have to see what comes of this whole ordeal but hopefully the tech giants can come to agreements and continue to move forward with innovation instead of spend time and effort arguing against one another.

    Source: Bloomberg
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