• VideoLAN's VLC Media Player May Possibly Return to the App Store

    One of the more popular media players in the market, VideoLANís VLC media player, may very well be returning to the App Store in the near future. Roughly two years ago, iOS developer Applidium brought VideoLANís VLC media player to the App Store. The app was available for free but shortly after its release, was removed due to a licensing issue. The issue mainly revolved around VLCís general public license (GPL) licensing agreement.

    VLC is open source software licensed under the GPL. The version that was previously available in the App Sore had DRM restrictions that explicitly violated the terms and conditions of VideoLAN. The team behind VLC has always made the source code of the app available, allowing users to modify and redistribute it, therefore selling a version of the app with DRM restrictions was in contrast with the original idea of the application itself.

    For those of you who arenít familiar with the VLC media player, youíve been missing out. The media player is well known for supporting a variety of different formats, including those not supported by standard players such as QuickTime. Hopefully, the app comes to the App Store soon so those who didnít get a chance to snag the media player before it was pulled the first time, can do so once again.

    Source: iPadItalia via Google Translate
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    1. HovikGas's Avatar
      HovikGas -
      Not to mention that they can finally update it. I was one of the lucky few who grabbed it while it was still in the App Store, but it has never been updated. It could just use a facelift and some bug fixes.
    1. Jokadaking's Avatar
      Jokadaking -
      If you are jailbroken it is available in cydia. Great app
    1. Senyaichiya's Avatar
      Senyaichiya -
      Was it free previously?
      I can't remember paying for it.
    1. ddonuts4's Avatar
      ddonuts4 -
      For now use good player. For the time being it's better.
    1. Justahbu's Avatar
      Justahbu -
      Quote Originally Posted by Senyaichiya View Post
      Was it free previously?
      I can't remember paying for it.
      Not big on reading ay?
    1. steve-z17's Avatar
      steve-z17 -
      I love VLC, it's a great media player!
    1. evolution83's Avatar
      evolution83 -
      I use VLC for everything. Great app
    1. Jj2345's Avatar
      Jj2345 -
      Is it better than oplayer
    1. Nickothasicko's Avatar
      Nickothasicko -
      Quote Originally Posted by Justahbu View Post
      Not big on reading ay?
    1. Moztoneted's Avatar
      Moztoneted -
      VLC was my go to app but now I use KMPlayer. I wonder if there's a iOS version? Gonna go check!
    1. johnNYChingaz's Avatar
      johnNYChingaz -
      ive been using VLC since i was lucky enough to grab it from the app store when it was available, like hovikgas said, it could really use an update
    1. djmelee's Avatar
      djmelee -
      I have previously tried to play .mkv files on an iPad2 using VLC & many other Media Player apps,

      They were all quite choppy, none of them compare to the smoothness of 'AVPlayer HD'.

      It's by far the best Media Player app avaliable.

      (VLC wouldn't even play them at all)
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