• iPad Fever Grips the Planet

    Just when you thought the "iPad fever" had finally begun to subside, it looks like a whole new outbreak is underway. And this time, the "fever" has gone global. The spread coincides with the spread of the iPad itself, as Apple Stores in Europe and Asia attracted flocks of Apple fans in astonishing droves
    early Friday morning.

    From Paris to Tokyo, long lines were spotted everywhere iPads were sold, with international interest at least appearing to be greater than domestic excitement for the iPad's release early last month. According to the Associated Press, "screams and cheers rose from the crowd in central London as students, professionals and self-proclaimed computer geeks clutched boxes containing the slim black device." The AP also notes that in Tokyo, an estimated crowd of 1,200 people gathered in line at the Ginza shopping district alone.

    Perhaps what's most impressive about the global iPad frenzy is that supplies are already dwindling even though the price of the iPad in international markets is substantially higher than the US equivalent. In Great Britain, for example, prices for the iPad span from 429 pounds to 699 pounds. That's $624 to $1,017. Nonetheless, the consumer demand and subsequent willingness to digest the cost of the red hot tablet bodes well for Apple and the company's future earnings.

    Of course, it doesn't appear that Apple needs much assistance in terms of market capitalization. Apple's market cap topped $222 billion on Wednesday, which officially placed Apple ahead of Microsoft as the world's largest tech company.

    Image via Apple
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