• Camouflage Your iPad With New Camo Case

    So let's say, for example, you want to take in a ballgame at Yankee Stadium in New York - a facility that banned the use of iPads (as covered on MMi). Perhaps with Tobias Wong and Chelsea Briganti's new camouflaged iPad case, you won't get tossed out of the ballpark for breaking the rules. With this new - and admittedly most peculiar of iPad cases - you can enjoy your favorite tablet computer without some folks knowing you even have one in your possession.

    This nifty little iPad case disguised as a used document envelope, comes with an "interdepartmental mail background for the home screen" and helps you hide what you're working on - or what games you're playing - while out and about in public. Any passing observer will simply think you're holding an envelope and reading whatever material that's sitting atop this formal-looking business document holder.

    Remember when Bart Simpson would sit on his bed reading a comic book tucked into his text book so anyone peering into his room would think Bart is studying? Think of this "camo case" working the same way. Of course, if someone approaches you from behind, there's a good chance your cover will be blown. What won't be blown - or at least, broken - however, if your actual iPad. Inside the camo shell is a real hard case to protect your tablet when stowing it on the go.

    Whether you find this unique case to be practical or impractical, there's an excellent possibility that the business of innovative iPad cases is just getting warmed up.

    Image via Core77
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