• Sprint Reveals LTE in 11 More Cities

    Sprint, one of the three largest carriers in the United States to carry Apple’s iPhone, and the last of the three to continue offering unlimited data plans for new customers, has announced today that they have brought 4G LTE to 11 more cities across the United States.

    The announcement shares that the following cities are now covered by Sprint's 4G LTE network:
    • Anderson, Ind.
    • Clarke County, Va./Jefferson County, W.Va.
    • Harrisburg/Carlisle/Hershey, Pa.
    • Hagerstown, Md./Martinsburg, W.Va.
    • Harrisonburg, Va.
    • Muncie, Ind.
    • Peabody, Mass.
    • Salina, Kan.
    • Shenandoah County, Va.
    • South Bend/Mishawaka, Ind.
    • Winchester, Va.

    The press release also reveals that Sprint is making an effort to increase the signal strength of their 3G network to make it more accessible from within buildings and help avoid dropped calls.

    Sprint continues to roll out their 4G LTE network, although not the fastest, all across the United States. Sprint has also announced that users who find LTE coverage in their area before it is officially announced are more than welcome to begin using it to connect to the Internet early. Sprint hopes to have 125 different cities under their 4G LTE coverage in coming months.

    If you’ve been considering an iPhone with Sprint to take advantage of the unlimited data, it may be tough choice. You’d be settling with slower speeds for unlimited data, however with AT&T and Verizon, users experience speeds multiple times faster than those on Sprint at the downfall of being capped with the amount of data they can use each month.

    If Sprint has opened 4G LTE in your area and you want to get an iPhone 5 with them, you could take advantage of the waning shipping times for the iPhone 5 on Apple’s Web site. Consumers have revealed that walking into a Sprint store might be a better choice, however, due to the stores usually having them in stock with no waiting times.

    Sources: Sprint
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    1. freekdot1's Avatar
      freekdot1 -
      They need New York man
    1. DreamAce's Avatar
      DreamAce -
      Im still waiting LTE in hawaii. At&t too expensive for me for the past 5 years!!
    1. urkel782's Avatar
      urkel782 -
      They need too add Charlotte ASAP
    1. MXCO's Avatar
      MXCO -
      Does sprint have LTE in Seattle, WA? If so I might consider moving.
    1. N2bnfunn's Avatar
      N2bnfunn -
      Unreal, here I live in the Capital of Va RICHMOND VA.. and they have not came here yet.. Unreal...
    1. im_so_hip's Avatar
      im_so_hip -
    1. r_rebuffo's Avatar
      r_rebuffo -
      i have had sprint for the past 2 years. I live in Downtown Miami, had the htc 3d and internet speeds were great, reception not too good. But when i bought an iphone 4 for sprint i think i made the worst mistake ever. the speeds i get all throughout maimi (aventura, broward, kendall) on 3g are ridiculous. I cant even send imessages when inside a building!!!! i really am counting down the days for my contract to be over. i rather pay more $ than have slow *** internet. and the nerves to charge $10 extra a month for no reason. and people are so retarded! why are they buying sprint's iphone 5 which is 4G ready but they dont offer 4g service????

      my co-worker just connected his unlocked iphone 4 with tmobile and he gets better service than i do!!!!! for $50 a month!!
    1. bmwraw8482's Avatar
      bmwraw8482 -
      Quote Originally Posted by N2bnfunn View Post
      Unreal, here I live in the Capital of Va RICHMOND VA.. and they have not came here yet.. Unreal...
      I can't think of anywhere I've been that I haven't had lte... On Verizon that is 😜

      Quote Originally Posted by freekdot1 View Post
      They need New York man
      "New York City?! Get a rope!"
    1. daveh868's Avatar
      daveh868 -
      11 million people on Long Island and nothing. What are they waiting for?
    1. MXCO's Avatar
      MXCO -
      Quote Originally Posted by daveh868 View Post
      11 million people on Long Island and nothing. What are they waiting for?
      To make more money of y'all from 3G.
    1. sammo123's Avatar
      sammo123 -
      Still none in New Hampshire
    1. AKCHRIS's Avatar
      AKCHRIS -
      WHAT About Alaska? No Love for the Last Frontier?
    1. DistortedHope's Avatar
      DistortedHope -
      Vegas has LTE.
    1. steve-z17's Avatar
      steve-z17 -
      Sprint and LTE in the same sentence....haha, good one!!
    1. ditoh1's Avatar
      ditoh1 -
      Ugh...what about Northern Virginia?
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