• New Kindle Ready For August But Not To Compete with iPad

    Amazon is preparing an updated Kindle that will roll out in August. But unlike earlier speculation that suggested Amazon would aim to compete with the iPad by releasing an upgraded product that delivers a more dynamic platform, it now appears that the Kindle isn't yet ready to compete as aggressively with the iPad as previously thought.

    Later this summer, Amazon will introduce a new and improved Kindle that will deliver a sharper picture and a thinner body. That's according to a new report from Bloomberg this weekend, citing anonymous sources at the company. The next-generation unit won't serve up color or boast a touch screen, but it will be "more responsive," say those familiar with the forthcoming release. Last week, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos informed an audience of shareholders that color and touch screens are envisioned for the "long term" and "in the laboratory, but they are not quite ready for production."

    Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos said this week that the company was concentrating on wooing committed book readers.
    When the New York Times reported in February that Amazon wanted the Kindle to be an iPad killer, they pointed to Amazon's recent purchase of Touchco, a developer of flexible multitouch panels. With heightened expectations now dramatically lowered, it appears we may be a few more generations away from the Kindle being a versatile-enough product to compete with the iPad - assuming, of course, that Amazon even wants to compete with Apple in this market. From introduction to present day, the Kindle has remained remarkably successful even following the iPad's thunderous arrival.

    image via Seattle Weekly
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