• Google Updates Google Voice for iPhone 5

    Those of you who use Google Voice will be happy to know that Google has finally decided to update its iOS client to support iOS 6 along with providing support for the new 4-inch display on the iPhone 5 and fifth generation iPod Touch. As many of you familiar with the matter might already know, the update was one that was long overdue as it comes in 2 months after Apple released version 6 of its mobile OS to the public.

    The Google Voice app gives you access to your Google Voice account from your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The service allows you to make phone calls, send free text messages, make low-cost international calls, and listen to voicemails with transcription, all right from your mobile device. It should be pointed out that this is the case in the U.S.

    There arenít any major changes in this update aside from new iOS 6 support, the stretched UI, and a couple of bug fixes. Frequent Google Voice users who own the iPhone 5 will still be happy to download it. One thing to point out is that the app now requires iOS 4.3 or higher but that shouldnít effect too many people anymore. The update is available to download for free and can be found in the App Store.

    Source: App Store
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    1. wolverinemarky's Avatar
      wolverinemarky -
      be nice if they updated and allowed you to send pics then it would be really worth using
    1. GenesisDH's Avatar
      GenesisDH -
      I'd love to see iPad support, since GV doesn't have to be used on an iPhone (especially since the Click-to-Call switch is available).
      GV Mobile+ fills that void, though. It even supports Talkatone dialing.
    1. LittleJob's Avatar
      LittleJob -
    1. AGIAMIU's Avatar
      AGIAMIU -
      Available for USA only. Same c.... as usual!
    1. Scotty Manley Silberhorn's Avatar
      Scotty Manley Silberhorn -
      Quote Originally Posted by agiamiu View Post
      available for usa only. Same c.... As usual!
      usa usa
    1. leram84's Avatar
      leram84 -
      I thought u couldnt make outgoing calls w this app... wasnt that the reason for talkatone.... and now the GV Phone app?
    1. Perceptum's Avatar
      Perceptum -
      Quote Originally Posted by leram84 View Post
      I thought u couldnt make outgoing calls w this app... wasnt that the reason for talkatone.... and now the GV Phone app?
      You can make outgoing calls, actually there a few different ways of doing it. As for Talkatone, it uses Google Voice's VOIP capabilities to make data only calls without using up cell minutes.
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