• Tony Fadell: Scott Forstall "Deserved" to be Ousted from Apple

    In a recent interview with BBC, former Apple executive, “grandfather of the iPod,” and creator of the Nest Learning Thermostat, Tony Fadell, said that the outgoing iOS Chief Scott Forstall “got what he deserved.” The statements underscored rumblings of quiet discontent heard of the ousted executive’s assertive character. The answer was given in response to a question regarding the circumstances of his departure from Apple, which according to a previous report by BusinessWeek suggested may have been due to the “explosive” climate created by a constant power struggle with Forstall.

    Aside from saying that “Scott got what he deserved”, Fadell also stated that he felt “what happened just a few weeks back was deserved and justified and it happened.” Fadell saw the event as somewhat of a blessing, hinting that Forstall was causing an imbalance with the executive team’s dynamic. “He even went as far as saying, "if you read some of the reports, people were cheering in Cupertino when that event happened,” referring to the "quiet jubilation" felt by some employees when the iOS head took his leave. "So, I think Apple is in a great space, it has great products and there are amazing people at the company, and those people actually have a chance to have a firm footing now and continue the legacy Steve [Jobs] left."

    This sentiment is actually likely to be shared by other Apple executives as well, including Bob Mansfield who is rumored to return to the company as Senior Vice President of Technologies, only after Forstall’s dismissal. For those of you who didn’t already know, Mansfield retired as Senior Vice President of Hardware Engineering in June but returned a month later as an advisor to CEO, Tim Cook.

    Despite the interview, other reports have suggested that Forstall’s refusal to take responsibility for the iOS Maps debacle to be his downfall. Either way, the sentiments made continue to shed some light into what Apple was really like behind the scenes during the post-Jobs era.

    Those of you who are interested in seeing BBC's interview of Tony Fadell can do so by hitting the source link found below.

    Source: BBC via AppleInsider, BusinessWeek
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