• iPad Becomes The New Political Teleprompter

    It seems we haven't even begun to scratch the surface of the many ways in which the iPad will come in handy both at home and around the office. In fact, during the last few weeks, a plethora of published news reports have noted just how prevalent iPads have become at media events, press conferences, and political functions.

    No shortage of TV producers have been spotted working the carpet of movie premieres lugging around an iPad in place of a bundle of folders and papers, most of which serve as reference material for the entertainment personalities and hosts who interview celebs arriving at the premiere. But while this use of the iPad is relatively subtle, slightly more glaring is the way in which Apple's tablet has become a mainstay of public appearances by prominent elected officials.

    New York City Mayor and billionaire business titan Michael Bloomberg is out on the front lines of the latest functionality provided by the iPad - a podium encased teleprompter and reference source. Bloomberg joins a growing list of political leaders who utilize the iPad at public functions during speeches. As chronicled this morning in the New York Daily News, Bloomberg is hooked on his iPad. Yesterday, Bloomberg "ditched his note cards to read a speech off his iPad, with a faint blue glow shining on him from its screen." The publication noted that Bloomberg takes his iPad everywhere and even "plays with it" during meetings.

    This week at D8, Steve Jobs observed that Apple's tablet will ultimately trickle into more aspects of everyday life than most can likely envision at the present time. Love him or hate him, since the iPad was released only two months ago this week, all evidence of our growing obsession with and reliance upon the iPad could very well prove Steve Jobs correct sooner rather than later.

    Image via New York Daily News
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