• Apple Shares Tumble, Falling More Than 6%

    Apple shares recently took a tumble with a loss of over 6%, making this the largest stock drop in a single day over the past four years. Analysts and investors alike are blaming the sell-off and resulting stock price drop on many factors, including a recent forecast by an influential firm that Googleís Android operating system continues to gain ground. Another unconfirmed report continues to play a role as well, stating that at least one stock-clearing house has been raising margin requirements on trades in Apple stock.

    According to a report at Reuters, other factors include a potential hike in capital gains tax that begins next year if current financial wrangling in Washington fails, along with rumors that Nokia beat Apple in China by making a deal to sell Lumia phones via China Mobile, which is the countryís largest wireless provider.

    For those of you who are thinking that a 6% loss isnít too big, you might have to think again when you realize that the total value of current stock shed $35 billion in market value, while over 37 million shares changed hands, making Apple one of the dayís biggest percentage losers in the S&P 500. The Cupertino California companyís average daily volume over the past 50 days is only 21 million. Furthermore, the continued decline in Apple stock value as well as resulting analysis that Apple has lost its way is likely taking its toll on the CEO, Tim Cook.

    Playing devilís advocate for a second though, it makes sense that any company would have trouble sustaining growth similar to that of Apple for as long as Apple has. The company still seems to be up 33% over last year.

    Source: Reuters
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    1. sammy1977's Avatar
      sammy1977 -
      What about Android's software is a joke?? It's no where near that. I've been using it for 2 months after using iOS since the first iphone. Not a single complaint with Android so far.
    1. Airwaves182's Avatar
      Airwaves182 -
      Quote Originally Posted by bmwraw8482 View Post
      Have fun holding your tablets up to your ear to talk and trying to put it in a pocket It's like the 1990's of cell phones all over again...
      Dude stop hating it's his phone and if he likes it leave it at that. Get a life.
    1. Tperry's Avatar
      Tperry -
      Quote Originally Posted by Airwaves182 View Post
      Dude stop hating it's his phone and if he likes it leave it at that. Get a life.
      Apple told him he could not have one.
    1. Slimz's Avatar
      Slimz -
      Nothing about the Android software is a joke. It's far more intuitive than anything else available today - and if there is something you don't like, there are many ROM's available to you, or, you just CHANGE it! Wow. That might confuse some Apple folks because yes, it is possible on a smartphone to do anything you want to it. This is a pro-Apple website, remember that.

      And stop comparing the 1990's cell phone rage to the Galaxy Note 2. That's ridiculous. Buy one. Own one. If you haven't, save face and don't talk about it - just plead ignorance. It's an amazing device. They finally got it right. And it's superb. The OS, the device itself. Superb. Period.

      I was on the fence, and have gone back and forth many times and always found myself going back to iOS. But the Note 2 is easily the best device on the market today. I understand it's not for everyone - I could see the size being obnoxious for some.

      I always said show me something better then an iPhone and iOS and I'll buy it. And I did, and it is.
    1. MaStA819's Avatar
      MaStA819 -
      I'm also loving my Note 2.
    1. rockyseay's Avatar
      rockyseay -
      Quote Originally Posted by se23 View Post
      Shares drop people start waffling lol. I've had every iPhone too and only recently came back from s2 & s3 and believe me Samsung is cheap for a reason. I'm not hating as I have a note 10.1 now & i5 but imo their both not all that. If ur gonna jump ship to s3 make sure you get a case to protect that weak bezel which is more flawed than the i5.
      It's obvious that you don't have a S3. Dropped mines a few times and its perfectly fine.
    1. bmwraw8482's Avatar
      bmwraw8482 -
      Holy bandwagon, people...
      I think that about sums it up. Thread closed. Lol
    1. Slimz's Avatar
      Slimz -
      Quote Originally Posted by bmwraw8482 View Post
      Holy bandwagon, people...
      I think that about sums it up. Thread closed. Lol
      Bandwagon says the iPhone owner.
    1. subywrex's Avatar
      subywrex -
      Everyone in here is a bandwagoner weather for iPhone or android. Really who cares. Use what you like. My experience with an s3 is far from intuitive and the quality of apps were IMHO a joke compared to iPhone.

      Sure I miss a few features, but what I like is a phone and device that works flawless for my needs.

      It's all about personal preference and its funny how people trash on the other and call people fanboys when they are fan boys them selves.

      The excuse "I'm not a fanboy I own both" is about as useful as "I'm no racist I have a black friend"

      It's just retarded. IMHO if you can't live with out a jailbreak and you love widget. Get an android you will love it to death. If you like stream lined OS and don't care about tapping phones together then get an iPhone.

      I stay apple because iCloud connects everything in my house together flawless. I can answer iMessages from any device in my house and view all mg pictures at anytime. For these reason I love apple and could care less they are closed.
    1. blueaviator's Avatar
      blueaviator -
      Quote Originally Posted by HomieG35 View Post
      ... 2 days ago picked the Galaxy Note 2... it's broken the fanboy spell.
      Join the club... I had an iPad 2, MBP, all iPhones since the 3G...(including the 5...decided to give it a shot...)

      Within the last 2 weeks I bought the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 and Galaxy Note II...one week later sold my iPad and iPhone5...

      I am happy I did it. The Note 2 is a bomb compared to iphone5...

      Wonderful to be able to master my tablet and phone the way I want it...

      Sorry Apple, maybe in the future I will come back...but not yet...
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