• China Getting the iPad in August

    Although yesterday's WWDC kick-off was all about the iPhone 4, Apple CEO Steve Jobs opened his keynote address with a few self-congratulating comments about the runaway success of the iPad. Plugging its two million sales thus far and hinting an at even more successful future, Apple is clearly proud of itself. And, slowly but surely, the company is helping the entire world discover what all the hoopla is about, as Apple continues to expand the geographic boundaries of the iPad's availability.

    Less than two short weeks ago, iPad fever reached a few more continents as Apple Stores in Europe and Asia began stocking the iPad. Overnight, flocks of prospective iPad buyers turned up in droves to get their hands on the revolutionary tablet. And while the international market is still largely awaiting the iPad's arrival in many places, the biggest mobile community in the world is now set to receive the iPad in August.

    Apple's Asia Pacific CEO Lu Lei has confirmed the August Chinese launch of the iPad, although a specific date is yet to be determined. Despite a slew of copycat iPads now plaguing the Chinese marketplace, the real thing will turn up in the world's most populous nation shortly after it similarly debuts in Hong Kong and Singapore this July. Of course, anyone who thinks that the iPad isn't already in China is fooling himself. iPads are being smuggled into the country at a rapid pace, and Chinese officials are not happy about it.

    Like the iPhone, China Unicom will offer coverage for the iPad, which will use WCDMA as its 3G standard. "Special content from state-run television" will reportedly be primed and ready for the iPad by the time of its formal late summer launch.
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