• Steve Jobs Praises App... App Gets Pulled... App Comes Back

    It almost sounds like a joke. But this week, an app fiasco has found its way into the headlines to the amusement of Apple critics confounded by the occasional App Store application debacle.

    On Monday, Steve Jobs utilized his WWDC keynote address to cover a considerable amount of territory. He even found time time to direct a few playful barbs at the App Store himself. During the presentation, however, Jobs alluded to one particular RSS reader to reference an example of a truly outstanding iPad application. But less than 24 hours after the WWDC kick-off and off-the-cuff app plug, the App Store yanked the Steve Jobs-endorsed application.

    The app in question is an RSS reader from Alphonso Labs called "Pulse." The $3.99 RSS reader app pools news stories from a variety of sources and presents one nifty little "mosaic." But after the Steve Jobs plug, Apple quickly heard from the Times Company. And it wasn't a social call. In fact, the news organization was angry that "Pulse" pulls content from its major publications - like The New York Times.

    Apple immediately pulled the application as Robert Christie, a spokesman for the Times Company, went public saying "The Pulse News Reader app, makes commercial use of the NYTimes.com and Boston.com RSS feeds, in violation of their Terms of Use. Thus, the use of our content is unlicensed.

    On Monday, Steve Jobs gave a rousing thumbs up to "Pulse," the most- downloaded RSS reader for the iPad. On Tuesday, the app was pulled. Now it's Wednesday... and guess what? The app is back - granted, without any content derived from the NY Times. So what happened? Well, there are conflicting theories but no confirmation - either from Apple or the Times Company. But many believe Steve Jobs made a personal plea to the publication to let the App Store keep the app until other "arrangements" could be made.

    Image via New York Times
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