• Support Documents on Microsoft Site Refer to Mobile Office Suite for the iPad

    New support documents on Microsoft’s website contain references to a number of unannounced iOS applications based on the company’s Office suite. More specifically, references to “Office Mobile for iPhone,” “Excel for iPad,” and “PowerPoint for iPad” were discovered in official documents published to Microsoft’s French website.

    No further information on the applications was available on Microsoft’s site but the mentions are another piece of evidence that suggest the company is working on a mobile version of its Office suite for Apple’s iOS platform. We previously saw screenshots that claimed to show the rumored Office for iOS, which surfaced last month with a report that claimed the software will be arriving on the App Store in early 2013. Office for iPhone and iPad is expected to offer free document viewing, with editing of files being a paid subscription feature.

    Previous mentions of Office for iOS have come from Microsoft itself, including a Czech Republic product manager saying the software will arrive as soon as March of 2013. A spokesperson for Microsoft later declined to give a specific date, but did say the Office suite will “work across Windows Phone, iOS and Android.” Furthermore, Microsoft is supposedly also working on a new native iOS application for the Outlook Web App, called “OWA Mobile Client for iOS,” which is said to offer compatibility with Exchange 2012 mailboxes.

    We’ll find out whether the information is true or not when more concrete information is released. Until then, we’ll have to continue to be patient.

    Source: Mac4Ever, MacRumors
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    1. ohthatguyagain's Avatar
      ohthatguyagain -
      Little behind the times here. Microsoft announced iOS office, and apples recent updates (fully examined) reveal compatibility with ms office for iOS beta.
    1. killakill's Avatar
      killakill -
      I really don't understand. I remember reading an article, pretty sure it was on here but I may be wrong, that said Microsoft bought quickoffice.
    1. sebastiannitu's Avatar
      sebastiannitu -
      Please rectify your sources! That is actually the ROMANIAN microsoft page and your screenshot is in ROMANIAN not in FRENCH

      Thank you!
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