• Apple Finally Allows Controversial TrapCall App into the App Store

    TrapCall was trapped for months in Apple's App Store purgatory, withstanding one of the most stringent known reviews in App Store history. For 201 days, TrapCall - an app that allows users to find out who's really behind blocked phone calls - was being analyzed under a microscope given the obvious privacy concerns such an app raises.

    But now comes word that TrapCell has made it through. And its' presently available from app maker Tel Tech Systems. TrapCall, it should be noted, is a free app to download, but Tel Tech Systems charges $5 a month to provide the un-blocking service. According to the makers of the controversial app, TrapCall is the only known app of its kind to offer this particular functionality - something we all wish we've had at one time or another.

    Here's how it works. If you receive a call from a blocked number, simply tap the sleep button twice to decline it and direct the call over to TrapCall. Within seconds, the service sends your handset a text message with precise caller information, including the name, telephone number and address of the blocked caller.

    Some are naturally speculating that this app won't be allowed to remain in the App Store for very long as the legality of the service provided is questionable at best. Still, the app is, indeed, available for now. And if you want to check it out, click here.

    Source: TelTech Systems
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