• Hints About iPad Retina Display

    Apple may be planning a version of its heavily-hyped Retina display for the iPad, according to some speculative analysis at 9to5Mac. Based on a close reading of Apple's human interface guidelines, the potential for a higher-resolution iPad display is at least being considered. Whether this is a long-term projection or something we'll see sometime soon, of course, is anybody's guess.

    One thing that's always kind of stuck out in my mind about the Retina display is that it's the only part of the iPhone 4 with its own name. There's not a Super speaker, for instance, or a Hyper home button. So why should this screen merit its own Capitalized name; in other words, why isn't it just the iPhone 4 display? It would make more sense if it were something that was going to be on multiple products.

    9to5Mac noticed that the human interface guidelines discuss using naming conventions for icon images to allow the iOS bundle loaders select the right image for a given display. In specific one example refers to "normal" and "high resolution" versions of iPad icons. The inference here is that we'll have two tiers of devices up and down the product lines: iPhones, iPads, and maybe iPods as well one day.

    This may be Apple's way of anticipating future complexity in the iOS platform and trying to make things simpler for devs in years to come. IOn the other hand, we had rumors both before and after the iPad launch about a super-Pad with an OLED display, so it may be coming sooner rather than later.
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