• All Rovio iPad Games On Sale for Limited Time

    As thanks for a wonderful 2012 year, Rovio has announced a sale on all HD versions of their applications for a limited time for iPad and Android devices, including hit titles like Angry Birds, Amazing Alex, and Bad Piggies. All of these games are currently 99 in the iPad section of the App Store.

    The year 2012 has been absolutely amazing for Rovio, and as a 'Thank You' to our fans we're offering all Rovio HD titles for Android and iOS at a special sale price for the weekend!
    Normally these games are $2.99 each, which would get very costly if you wanted to buy more than one game. The 99 special means you can download even more and get more bang for your buck. It even gives you the opportunity to gift some popular games to people for the holidays at a fraction of the price, since Apple has recently brought App Store gifting to iOS 6.

    Rovio announces that the sale will be over and done with on December 17th, which gives you just three days to act. If youre interested in grabbing any of these games, we have the download links for you below:

    The sale does not include any of the regular iPhone and iPod touch editions of the game, which remain at their usual 99 price tag.

    Sources: Rovio News via iClarified
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    1. bisayakid07's Avatar
      bisayakid07 -
      Thanks. Got 2 games added to my collection.
    1. Shigoroku's Avatar
      Shigoroku -
      Even though the sale is still on, I missed out! I *just* purchased a few "HD" editions a couple days ago.

      This sucks!
    1. Own3d's Avatar
      Own3d -
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      Dude, I thought the EXACT SAME thing. Took the words right out of my mouth. Glad someone had the balls to say it!
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