• Prominent Hacker Gets Arrested, Raided by Feds

    On Monday, MMi chronicled how Escher Auernheimer, the Goatse Security boss, took aim at AT&T with an angry public letter addressing the carrier's suggestion that his company is teeming with "malicious" hackers. As it turns out, only hours later, Auernheimer would have an even bigger problem on his hands than the accusations from AT&T.

    You see, on his hands were handcuffs. Auernheimer - AKA "Weev" - quickly made the transition from "good guy" who uncovered the AT&T-iPad security flaw, to the "bad guy" who had his home raided by authorities. Now, in case you're wondering, this has nothing to do with a lost or stolen iPhone 4. Although it isn't yet clear what exactly prompted the FBI search warrant, we do know what was uncovered: drugs. And, apparently, lots of them - cocaine, ecstasy, LSD, etc.

    Auernheimer is now facing some four felony charges of possession of a controlled substance. Tossed into the mix is one misdemeanor possession charge. Today, the blogosphere is buzzing with conspiracy theories about whether or not the raid and search was somehow inspired by AT&T or Apple - although there is no evidence to suggest such at this time. But the alleged security breach acknowledged by AT&T was such that it isn't unreasonable that the feds could be looking into those who initially exposed the weakness.

    Of course, the matter could ultimately prove to be totally unrelated to AT&T and Apple. After all, this isn't Auernheimer's first arrest. He was arrested as recently as this March for allegedly giving authorities a fake name when they responded to a parking complaint.

    As reported by CNET, no bond or court date had been set. A hearing, however, is scheduled for this Friday, June 18th.
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