• Class Action Lawsuit Against Apple & AT&T Over 3G Data Plan

    Well looks like the big boys (lawyers) are behind iPad owners who feel that Apple and AT&T baited them into buying the iPad 3G with the promise of the unlimited data plans. Little old me is included in this craziness. On June 9 against Apple and AT&T over the discontinued unlimited-data plan for the iPad 3G has been amended and re-filed to include additional iPad 3G customers.

    One of the lawsuits main contentions involves AT&T and Apple’s claim that iPad 3G customers could easily opt-in and opt-out of an unlimited data connection on the iPad 3G without any penalty.

    We all know AT&T's new data plans since they changed them on June 7th so I won't go into that again however I just got the email conformation that I bought my iPad 3G in time and I am now on the unlimited plan. Apple and AT&T both had to approve this making sure I bought it before June 7th.

    As usual Apple and AT&T have not commented on the class-action lawsuit or its implications. It's possible that if a jury finds the case in favor of the plaintiffs, that AT&T may be forced to bring back the unlimited data plan as an option. Years from now, when the litigation of the case is over, the iPad 3G will probably be a historic curiosity, replaced by another Apple device using different wireless technology.

    The case, filed in the United States District Court in San Jose, Calif., represents customers from several different states. The suit also says that AT&T was abrupt in its changes, giving customers less than a week’s notice that the data plan would be eliminated.

    Apple, AT&T Face Class-Action Lawsuit Over iPad 3G Data Plans | The iPad Guide

    Graphic: http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/0...tt-is-amended/
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