• Microsoft to Ignite iPad Competition with "Hardcore" Attention on Tablets

    At the Worldwide Partners Conference in Seattle, Steve Ballmer (the Microsoft chief pictured flatteringly above) said his company is more than just serious about getting into the tablet computer marketplace. In fact, it's downright "hardcore" about the matter. And, as a result, Microsoft will soon unveil a fleet of Windows 7-based slate computers.

    Expressing the broad range of choices consumers will have when shopping for a Microsoft tablet computer - a tongue-in-cheek- shot at Apple, Ballmer contends that Microsoft will make a tablet that nicely accommodates all of your multimedia and serves as a mobile entertainment system. But it will also be a product capable of thriving in professional and corporate settings as the ultimate boardroom companion.

    Steve Ballmer expressed his company's ambitions like this:

    We want to give you a great device, a consumer oriented device, but a device that fits and is manageable with today’s enterprise IT solutions… This is a terribly important area for us. It’s certainly an area where—how do I say it?—we feel all of the energy and vigor and push that we have ever felt to innovate, to drive hard, to compete.
    All signs now point to a forthcoming push by Microsoft into the tablet arena. And while Ballmer stayed clear of any iPad competition talks, Microsoft has its sights set on taking down the iPad within a marketplace it solely dominates at present. And if it proves to be more consumer and IT department-friendly than its Apple rival, the slate of Microsoft slates could quickly turn the tablet market on its ear with the arrival of a new and major player.

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