• WSJ Finally Yields to Apple on Digital Subscriptions

    Apple has finally convinced The Wall Street Journal to join the party over at the iOS Newsstand.

    Following a lengthy bout of stubbornness on the part of Wall Street's most venerable publication, WSJ is now offering a comprehensive digital version of the paper via Apple's paid subscription service.

    The reason for the long-term holdout, of course, was the publication's reluctance to fork over close to a third of the subscription profit to Apple. But, alas, the lost revenue from not being on Newsstand is even worse. And so today, the WSJ finally relented.

    The move means that Apple will retain 30 percent of all subscription revenue the Journal receives from “in-app” sales, and it will retain control of customer billing information like credit card numbers and billing addresses.
    For now, neither Apple or the WSJ have offered formal comment on the development.

    Source: All Things D
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      It's Apple's world. We just live in it!
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