• Apple's "Lucky Bag" Event Coming to Japan on January 2

    As Christmas passes and we move into Boxing Day worldwide, Apple confirmed its annual “Lucky Bag” sale for January 2 in Japan. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the sale, it takes place in seven stores across the country, allowing shoppers who get in line early to purchase a 33,000 yen ($390) gift bag that includes the possibility of headphones, an iPod Touch, cases, an Apple T-Shirt, among other accessories. The real reason many consumers purchase the gift bags is because some of them are loaded with special items like a MacBook Air or iPad, which only a few lucky people will end up receiving.

    Lucky Bags are a big tradition in Japan and other parts of Asia. Apple’s Lucky Bag event is equivalent to Black Friday in the United States in many ways as it attracts overnight campers to stores. Unfortunately such an event isn’t held in the United States. If it was, how many of you would be interested in purchasing a Lucky Bag?

    Source: Apple via Tech in Asia
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    1. tat2me2's Avatar
      tat2me2 -
      I would consider it - I've never camped out for an Apple event but you never know, anything is possible.
    1. Outrager's Avatar
      Outrager -
      So there's no guarantee you'll get anything worth the $390?
    1. MXCO's Avatar
      MXCO -
      Quote Originally Posted by Outrager View Post
      So there's no guarantee you'll get anything worth the $390?
      Almost like gambling, that's why they called it luck and not winning.
    1. teriyakiboy13's Avatar
      teriyakiboy13 -
      last year, a lot of people got a lucky bag with an ipad, smartcase, headphone, ipad cammera connection kit, tv tuner, apple tshirt, and a bag.
      some even got macbook air's and imacs instead of the ipad. The worst people got last year was a set with a ipod touch, which isnt too bad since it comes with a lot of things.
    1. DaLsim's Avatar
      DaLsim -
      Not in the USA, They want your $$$$, Not your happyness...
    1. Gaijinboy's Avatar
      Gaijinboy -
      I'm pretty sure most of these grab bags contain at least the face value... People seriously rush after them...
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